Gohan Beast from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in an unprecedented cosplay played by a model

Gohan Beast only appeared in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but it’s already quite a sensation among anime fans. The new transformation abounds on the Internet reflected in illustrations, figures and even cosplays.

Gohan’s transformation is not only an impressive increase in power, which is saying a lot. But it also means for everyone the return of a warrior who was asleep under the bark of a scientific researcher.

And although we do respect Gohan’s passion, what we really want to see from the characters is to recall those old glories of the Frieza saga, in which in a fit he managed to hit the Emperor of the Universe, or when we saw him become the Super Saiyan 2 during the battle against Cell.

Now that Gohan that we miss so much returned with an impressive internal explosion that left everyone surprised. It has been so much the arrival of gohan beast that a model set out to cosplay the character.

Gohan Beast Cosplay

In this parallel universe that the cosplayer poses indirectly, Gohan is a woman. However, she was equally trained to walk the same path as the male version of her from Universe 7.

This is how the beautiful Elia Fery, whose work we have seen before, made every detail of Beast Gohan, including the gray hair, but with the difference that she kept it a little longer and growing downwards. Other than that, she has enough elements to become a true Saiyan warrior of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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