Gold, gray, blue: Elon Musk bets on multicolored badges for Twitter certification

There were already the blue badges. Now Elon Musk wants gold and gray badges on Twitter.

Twitter’s famous blue badges that distinguish verified accounts from other profiles will soon have equivalents with different colors. On Twitter, Elon Musk wrote on November 25 that several varieties of badge will arrive soon, in parallel with the arrival of the “new” version of the verification process.

Blue badges, gray badges, gold badges…

Three colors are provided to identify three statuses:

  • The golden badge will be for business,
  • The gray badge will be awarded to governments
  • The blue badge will be for all individuals whether they are celebrities or not. ” All verified accounts will be manually authenticated before badge activation “, specifies the boss of the social network.

In fact, it appears that the procedure for controlling who accesses the badge will be very similar to the old one, since it is indeed a question of identity verification. This filter is essential to avoid identity theft. Its absence was sorely lacking when Elon Musk thought he could do without it: accounts posing as brands or stars had flourished.

In another post, Elon Musk also says that all individuals will share the same blue badge — whether they’ve been verified because of their “notoriety” in their field or purchased Twitter Blue’s $8 formula. However, hovering the mouse over the blue badge will indicate the circumstances in which it was obtained.

Many phishings target certified accounts on Twitter // Source: Montage Numerama
The certification becomes multicolored. // Source: Numerama editing

Elon Musk promises to give additional explanations by the end of November, a period during which the certification must be relaunched. We know that other security measures are planned. There was talk of a loss of blue badge in the event of a name change in the profile, to counter the smart guys who would get it to hijack it.

Another barrier mentioned in November: a 90-day waiting period to buy a Twitter Blue formula when you are new to the social network. This delay, if confirmed, is relatively similar to what Wikipedia does to secure certain sensitive pages: these cannot be modified by accounts that are too young or have not contributed enough.

The idea of ​​multicolored badges has been circulating for some time, but it had not yet been really considered by Elon Musk. The billionaire’s first month at the head of the site, however, showed limits in the management and management of the entrepreneur – who seems to be managing the site on a day-to-day basis. Or rather, according to the polls of the moment.

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Elon Musk / Twitter // Source: Numerama

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