Goldie Hawn sees ghosts: She must be haunted!

Goldie Hawn sees ghosts: She must be haunted!

At the age of 77, Goldie Hawn discovered a special gift in herself: the Oscar winner sees ghosts in her living room.

At a At the Oscars dinner, she told other guests: “I saw this old lady in my living room and I asked her what she wanted from me,” said the Hollywood star. Shortly thereafter, the lady disappeared into thin air.

The actress called her daughter Kate Hudson (43) and invited her to go ghost hunting.

Together, the two famous ladies waited for the second ghost sighting over a glass of Chardonnay in the living room. And if Hawn is to be believed, the ghost actually made a second appearance in Malibu.

Goldie Hawn (left) with her daughter Kate Hudson

Foto: Getty Images for People Magazine

Did the Chardonnay play a role in the ghost sighting? Or did Goldie see a spirit of wine? She laughs and waves her hand: “Wine always helps with such adventures, but she stood out in the room, I can guarantee that.”

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