Gonnet Hospital participated in an unusual donation operation

Gonnet Hospital participated in an unusual donation operation


The San Roque de Gonnet Hospital hosted an important milestone in organ donation in the Province of Buenos Aires, participating last Tuesday in the third controlled non-heart beating donation procedure in Buenos Aires health history.

This type of procedure, widely used in other parts of the world but rarely used in Argentina, consists of the ablation of organs from a donor while waiting for a cardiac arrest after withdrawing life support. Hence, they require a complex operation that, in this case, was carried out jointly by professionals from the San Roque Hospital and the Unique Coordinating Center for Ablation and Implantation in the Province (CUCAIBA).

“These are patients with a serious and irreversible injury, which no longer has the possibility of treatment or recovery, and with an express statement that, in this situation, not to prolong artificial life support measures,” explained intensivist doctor Soledad de Otazua, coordinator of the Team Hospital Organ Procurement.

During the intervention, in which members of the surgery, medical clinic, nursing, surgical instrumentation teams, among other specialties, participated, CUCAIBA simultaneously assigned the organs and tissues, which in this case was kidneys and corneas.

“We are very happy with this intervention, in the last two years we have worked with greater emphasis on strengthening the Donor Hospital policy”, thanks to which “an operation was carried out in an unprecedented modality in our case and novel in the country ”, pointed out the authorities of the institution.

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