Gonzalo Fierro gives tasty details of his farewell at the Monumental

Gonzalo Fierro is one of the last great idols of Colo Colo and unfortunately for him, he went through the small door with a leadership that, at that time, did not care about the referents.

However today, with Edmundo Valladares at the helm, the situation changed and a few days ago Gonzalo Fierro visited the premises of the Monumental stadium and this Tuesday, in conversation with ESPN, the same former footballer explained why the meeting.

On the ESPN F90 program, the Young Gunman was clear that yes or yes he will make his farewell to professional football. “I’m going to do it, I already had a meeting with the club, in the conversation we had with the president he offered all his help”, he detailed.

He further added that, “Within that I am planning the possible farewell, I want to do it now during this year, because people are excited about going back to the stadium, but I am going to take the necessary measures, I want to do it well, I want it to be unforgettable for me. I have a lot of people who want to be. I would have to go in to see “.

Gonzalo Fierro also applauded Edmundo Valladares. “They behaved very well. Edmundo called me after the retirement issue came up, I had a meeting with him, everything he told me he behaved quite well, he wants to change what has been done with the important players of the club”, express.

Gonzalo Fierro, one of the last idols of Colo Colo

Finally, the Young Gunman himself said that he wants to have a luxury guest. “I was Ronaldinho’s partner, obviously I want to invite him, but it doesn’t depend on me. Let’s see how it happens”, he sentenced.

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