Gonzalo Fouillioux full of praise for Wig Falcón

Some time ago, several historians from Colo Colo criticized Maximiliano Falcón for being “limited” when playing. To say one, Fernando Astengo has been one of those who has hit the Wig the most.

However, the colocolino fan has another vision and the Peluca has always received the affection of the fans and this Wednesday that just passed he was soaked in affection for the 5000 fans who came to Macul.

Gonzalo Fouillioux, a young national journalist, spoke in TST of the Colocolino triumph and touched on this aforementioned topic. “Much has been said about Maximiliano Falcón, widely criticized by historical figures, for what he has meant in Colo Colo and when he played he was the most applauded footballer and there were a couple of interventions that brought a shower of applause”, started.

He further added that, “That has a lot to do with the very symbolic value that the fan gives to a player who gives him a terrible moment. When Colo Colo was having a bad time, the energy he brought was infected. Both Falcón and Solari, both of the symbols of that comeback “.

Maximiliano Falcón in Colo Colo

To finish he detailed that, “The Colo Colo fans had a very bad time, therefore that gratitude is in the feeling of the Colo Colo fan. It is very difficult, even being historical, to be able to say what the fan feels. There will be many people who say that Solari and Falcón are tremendously important. The applause was won by Falcón “.

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