Good Cdiscount plan: take advantage of an excellent price on the Surpass electric bike

Electric bikes have conquered the market in just a few years, don’t miss this low price on the Surpass electric bike at Cdiscount if you want to be in tune with the times.

Profiting from the trend has never been easier than with this Surpass electric bike available at 569.99 euros on Cdiscount, a bargain that should not be missed. You will make a nice saving on the usual price of electric bikes but in addition your purchase will give you an interesting alternative to the car.

This is a good idea, especially if you live about 15 or 20 km from your place of work, if you travel frequently and if you are concerned about your impact on the environment. There is always a good reason to switch to an electric bike. In addition, it will allow you to easily get through traffic jams with its low step-over which gives you the possibility of easily putting one foot on the ground and keeping your balance when stationary.

The Surpass electric bike is offered at a really advantageous price!

From the first pedal strokes, the electric assistance is triggered. You can change modes via the easy-to-use dedicated LCD screen to choose from 3 support modes from weakest to strongest. It all depends on the physical effort you want to put in and the condition of the road. Ideal for urban and suburban travel, this Surpass electric bike at 569.99 euros at Cdiscount will transport you where you want with a range of 40 km and a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Equipped with a removable battery, you do not need to assemble it entirely at home to recharge it, taking the battery is enough. To remain visible at night, it is equipped with front and rear lights that you can trigger from the LCD screen. Always keep an eye on the battery level via this same screen. Disc brakes ensure shorter stopping distances and better safety in all circumstances.

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