Good End 2022: When do the offers start and how long do they last?

The Good end is one of the most anticipated commercial events of the year in Mexicoand the 2022 edition promises to bring thousands of offers unique, discounts specials and discounts in the different businesses of the Mexican Republic.

According to Federal Ministry of Economy, the 2022 edition will last 4 days. It should be noted that the promotions will apply to both physical and digital purchases, so this period is a good opportunity to purchase items and services at a lower price compared to the rest of the year.

This annual campaign emerged in Mexico in 2011, as a way to encourage the economy in the country, encourage consumption and bring benefits to Mexican families.

According to past editions, practically all lines of business present offers to consumers, from technology, household items, sports, travel agencies, car dealerships, real estate sales, to clothing and food.

The temptation will be great, which is why the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) recommends that the population better plan their purchases and follow the following advice:

  • -Define what you are going to buy and find out about the characteristics of the products or services before buying.
  • -Assign a budget and consider whether the purchase will be in cash or you will use a credit card. Remember that all banks participate in this campaign, but ideally you should not spend more than 30 percent of your total monthly income.
  • -Compare prices on several sites on the same product, as there may be some differences that favor you between buying in stores or online.
  • -Review offers and promotions, because in some cases there are limited offers or they only apply for cash payment. In addition, some departmental cards allow you to pay with points or accumulate double or triple points for each purchase.
  • -Verify that the product you want to buy is available, do not get a surprise when paying and that the delivery is a long time later.
  • -Of all purchases you make, keep the receipts and guarantee of the products or services to make them effective if necessary.
  • -Examine the exchange or return policies or home delivery, it may be that in some cases they charge you an extra cost to bring the product to your door.

Although the Good End is a period of being able to acquire that item or device that you want so much, Profeco suggests that the best purchase is in durable goods, that do not compromise your monthly income, much less other types of benefits such as your Christmas bonus.

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