Good news: Court filed report against Colo Colo that consigned fireworks, flares and fire extinguishers before the Spanish Union

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From the organization they argued that the sanctions are applied only if elements fall on the field of play, something that did not occur in the meeting about Hispanics in the Monumental.

The Cacique will not receive sanctions thinking about the final dates of the tournament.
© William Salazar.The Cacique will not receive sanctions thinking about the final dates of the tournament.

The good victory of Colo Colo over Unión Española on the last date 24 of the 2022 National Championship, until now the last duel of the albos in the Monumental Stadium, left a concern about the presence of some elements of animation prohibited in the stands of the venue of pedrero.

Cristian Garay, judge of the match on that day of September 8, stated in his report that different animation items were used in the sector of the north gallery of the Colocolino venue, artifacts that needless to say are prohibited in Chilean soccer.

From the sector of the local bar flares are lit, fireworks and smoke extinguishers are launched when the local club enters the playing field”, the referee wrote.

Fortunately, this situation did not escalate, since during the hours of this day and according to information provided by Radio Cooperativa, the Disciplinary Court of the ANFP decided to file Garay’s arbitration report, thus ruling out any punishment for the Cacique in the final stretch of the tournament.

The disciplinary body argued that sanctions in this type of cases are only applied if these animation elements fall within the field of playa situation that did not occur in the Monumental before the Hispanics.

Thus, the Cacique will be able to continue to count on an audience in the final phase of the 2022 National Championship, where he is only a few details away from lifting the cup by having an eleven-point advantage at the top with five dates to play.

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