Good news: the great opportunity that “Fugitiva” could take advantage of. on Telefe

“Fugitive” is one of Telefe’s star telenovelas. A clear example of this is that she has been able to keep the rating and become one of the most watched Turkish soap operas. The plot has not only reflected the love of the leading couple, but has also dealt with a very important issue: gender violence.

The right touch between love, revenge and mystery have made this soap opera from the Middle East become one of the favorites, which is why a very important unknown has been opened in Telefe about the duration it will have. “Fugitive” after the end of “The First of Us”.

“Fugitiva” became the most awarded Turkish telenovela in its country of origin and has already been broadcast in Mexico, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Panama.

The national drama, which narrates the life of six friends where one is on the verge of death, has been the direct competition of “Fugitive” Well, this story starring Benjamín Vicuña has made many who have managed to cry and laugh in front of the screens reflect. But as we said, the end is very close.

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