Goodbye, Coyoacán Center! With nostalgia and mariachis, plaza closes its doors after 33 years

Photo: Daniel Betanzos.

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Coyoacan Center he said goodbye and to say goodbye there were even mariachis. On September 19, the shopping mall closed its doors after 33 years of operation. .

Excelsior advancement that Coyoacan Center, located on Circuito Interior Río Churubusco and Avenida Universidad, it will be demolished so that the new Mítikah shopping center begins its own story.

In social networks, users nostalgically said goodbye to the shopping plaza. In the closing event there were even mariachis, as can be seen in a series of photographs published by the user @vicastega.

Twitter was filled with anecdotes and messages Farewell to this mall. “tqm plaza Centro Coyoacán, although they were small moments, they were of great happiness, oh and a sad one, but for that I will always remember you,” published the user @aldotobon.

And the user @La_Patty_Boop commented: “I barely found out that they are going to demolish the Coyoacán Center, one of the oldest shopping malls in CDMX. Lots of memories there for a lot of us, which is too bad”.

While @Charr0Mx wrote: Am I the only one who feels nostalgic about the closure of Centro Coyoacán?

Those attending the last opening day of Coyoacan Center they experienced the magnitude 7.7 earthquake at this point. Other series of videos captured dozens of people on one of the sidewalks outside the shopping plaza.

In the surroundings, the opening of the mitikah shopping plaza which houses the branch of the Palacio de Hierro department store, which until September 19 was located in Centro Coyoacán.

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