Goodbye, Danny Tanner

This Owl could not hide his consternation and sorrow upon learning of the disappearance of actor and comedian Bob Saget, at the age of 65, found dead in his room at the Ritz Hotel in Orlando, Florida, after having given a comedy show ‘stand up’. Many will wonder who was Saget? Well, he was the main character of the endearing television series ‘Full House’, which in our country and in Latin America was called ‘Three by three’. A ‘sitcom’ that lasted eight seasons on the powerful ABC network (1987-1995). In the series, Saget played the unforgettable dad Danny Tanner, who suffered a family tragedy: his wife died in a car accident and he was left a widower, with three girls and, instead of looking for a young woman to marry and share the upbringing with him of his daughters, he decides to accept the help of his brother-in-law Jessie Katsopolis (charismatic John Stamos) and his best friend, Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier), who are going to live in his house to deal with raising the little ones, including a baby girl. . It was the kind of comedy that today would look outdated. There were no cell phones, no computers, no social networks. The problems were others, more earthly and nothing technological. It was touching to see how three ’20-something parents’ faced the problems of childhood. All because of Tanner’s fatherly love and Jessie and Joey’s steely friendship.

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This columnist watched the series when he didn’t even dream of being a dad, but I remember episodes that were like an apprenticeship because they really dealt with problems that were also experienced in ‘normal’ homes and not ‘dysfunctional’ as in the series. It had its critics, like it was very ‘unreal’. Unreal could be ‘The little wonder’ (a robot daughter) or ‘Alf’ (a Martian tenant of a house), but not ‘Three times three’. That is why its worldwide success was extended to eight seasons and we saw how little Michelle (played by sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) grew up with the series until she was eight years old and also had problems and conflicts typical of her age.

This Owl at the height of the hyperinflation of Alan GarcĂ­a and the terrorism of Sendero Luminoso, remembers having seen the series on Panamericana at lunchtime in its first seasons. The ‘terrible’ daughters were: DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (the Olsen twins, who later became world famous in the 1990s and the new century, becoming millionaire socialites). It is not easy to stay on the air for so many years in a market as competitive and changing as the North American one. It achieved that ‘longevity’ because new characters also entered who enriched the stories and at the same time made the family bigger. For example, the beautiful model Lori Loughlin, who marries Jessie and they have twins: Nicky and Alex; DJ’s first crush, Steve (Scott Weinger) or the gossipy and unfriendly neighbor, ‘Mrs. Kimmy’. Despite the fact that the series remained among the most watched of 1995 and that Warner Bros. was planning to buy it, it was canceled due to Stamos’ announcement that the eighth would be its last season. Soon after, the Olsen twins would follow suit. The last episode lasted an hour and was watched by more than 24 million people.

Saget’s death hit his fellow cast members like John Stamos: ‘I’m broken, gutted. I am in complete shock. I will never have another friend like him. I love you so much Bobby,’ he wrote on his Instagram account. His ‘daughter’ DJ on the series, Candace Cameron Bure, also wrote his regret: ‘I have no words. Bob was one of the best human beings I have ever met. I wanted it so bad.’ After the show was cancelled, Saget embarked on a hilarious project that suited him: he was the prankster host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Millions in the world were dismayed at the news of the death of the actor and comedian, and, as always, multiple conjectures were woven. But all suspicions pointed in two directions: heart attack or stroke while sleeping. He was resting after his last performance, a nearly two-hour monologue presented earlier that night. Such was the impact of the series on different generations that, 21 years later, the Netflix streaming network presented a sequel with the characters entitled ‘Fuller House‘, which aired from 2016 to 2020 (five seasons) and featured Bob Saget, John Stamos and Lori Loughlin on a recurring basis. The great absentees of the project were the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who only participated in a special performance. With the death of Bob Saget, the house of ‘Three by three’ has been orphaned. Rest in peace, Mr Tanner. I turn off the television.


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