Google Flights: what it is and how to use the cheapest flight search engine on the internet

Today we come to share with you the details of one of the most silent secrets among compulsive savers addicted to travel: GoogleFlightsbetter known in Latin America as Google Flights.

This platform, as its name reveals, is part of the conglomerate of the most famous search engine on the entire web and little by little it has become an almost indispensable tool for those planning a trip that requires taking a flight.

Planning a trip, whether for vacations or dealing with business or even personal matters, always involves an organization process as complex as it is demanding, where one of the most important factors is the budget.

Especially if our journey involves taking a flight, the costs of what we will invest tend to skyrocket considerably, both in the time required to program everything, and the money that must be spent on travel.

But fortunately there is a powerful tool that can make the difference between generating a significant debt or saving a lot of money.

This is Google Flights – Google Flights

Before, finding a cheap flight involved forensic case-level investigation to find an affordable flight available, but buried in a website that took too much time to find.

Google Flights (Google Flights) came to put an end to it, working in the same way that your web browser operates. So we could say, broadly speaking, that it is a service that works as a flight comparator based on the prices of the main airlines.

To use it you can go directly to the platform websiteor directly from the general web browser, you can run a search for flights indicating the point of departure and arrival.

By doing this, the search engine will show as the first result what was compiled by Google Flights. The axes to find the flights will always be the destination preferences, dates and times of travel.

The interesting part is that the Flights platform keeps a record of the flows and changes in the costs of the searched flight, so that you can know the multiple actions and even see in which season it could be more feasible to find a lower cost trip:

Google Flights

The sequence for using Google Flights is always the same: log in to the site, enter your destination details, check the list of available flights, and always, invariably always check the history of price variations for that trip.

It is vitally important to check the travel dates, since the price varies drastically for flights during the week or weekend. In the same way, reviewing Google Maps beforehand can help, since the costs between airports in the same region can vary significantly.

An extra advantage of the application is that it still allows you to configure whether or not to make scales. This can sometimes reduce the cost of the trip, although the transfer time will shoot up much more.

It is even possible to set up a flight tracker based on your price to be notified when you reach a desired cost.

In this sense, the essential tools that should always be consulted are those of Date table Y price charts. Both, in addition to the Follow Prices function, which informs us of ticket prices with notification alerts when there is a price change, will guarantee that we fly at the lowest cost.

Taking care of these axes and correctly configuring all the sections described there are, we can enjoy a good trip at a crazy price.

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