Google I/O 2022: Lots of new devices – what about the Pixel Fold?

As part of the keynote speech for Google I/O 2022, the Californian company hosted the multi-day developer fair on Wednesday evening, as usual, with a few very exciting innovations opened.

The long-awaited one was shown Pixel watch and the new smartphone generation pixels 7, both are due out in the fall. Also a new mid-range phone appears in the summer as well as new ones pro headphones and a Pixel tablet.

However, Google and Android fans sorely missed an announcement.

Pixel 7 in the fall

That pixels 7 should appear as usual in autumn (in Germany probably in October or November) and will – also as usual – be in two options on the market. Not much is known yet, but Google has already presented the design.

The Pro model will be larger than the regular one and probably a little more powerful too. The Pixel 7 (Pro) is of course delivered with the new one Android 13 and a new one Google’s own chip of the still young Tensor series.

As usual, Google's new premium smartphone, the Pixel 7, will be available in two versions this fall.

As usual, Google’s new premium smartphone, the Pixel 7, will be available in two versions this fall.

Source: Google

Pixel 6a for little money

Google’s new mid-range smartphone, the Pixel 6a, for 459 euros. The stripped down version of the Pixel 6 released last fall has the same chip, but one worse main camera than the premium model.

Pre-orders are in Germany from the 21 July possible, including directly in the Google Store, the devices will then be delivered from July 28th. When it comes to the display, Google uses a 6.1 inch full HD panel in 20:9 format – however only with 60 Hz.

Pixel watch with Fitbit integration

The long suspected one Pixel watch should be paired with the Pixel 7 in the autumn appear and marks Google’s comeback in the smart watch space, which has been dominated by Apple for years. Google has already presented the design of the smart watch.

With the Pixel Watch, Google dares to return to the Apple-dominated smart watch market.

With the Pixel Watch, Google dares to return to the Apple-dominated smart watch market.

Source: Google

What is exciting about the device is mainly the Integration of Fitbit features be, because the company has been part of the search engine company for some time.

Return to the tablet market

Suitable for the presentation of the new Android 13 beta, which, according to Google, has been specially optimized for large screens, the company announced another hardware comeback: a new pixel tablet.

In recent years, this market has also been left almost completely to Apple, which currently occupies this device class almost alone with the iPads. That should come to market Pixel tablet not until 2023, the design has already been unveiled here.

New headphones with ANC

In order to round off the smart ecosystem for everyday use in addition to smartphones and smart watches, Google also has new headphones on offer. the Pixel Buds Pro add a new premium model to the inexpensive version Active noise cancelling (ANC).

For this, Google requires 219 euros, The headphones can be pre-ordered from July 21st, and will then be delivered – as with the Pixel 6a – from July 28th. Of the Google Assistant is integrated, the battery life should up to eleven hours amount to, with ANC still seven

Now what about the foldable Pixel Fold that Google fans are eagerly awaiting? You can read that below.

Where’s the foldable Pixel Fold?

Google still owed a foldable Pixel Fold at the keynote of I/O 2022. Rumors and alleged leaks have been circulating on the internet for a long time, trying to prove the existence of such a device. It is often cited as a form of proof that Android 13 some improvements for foldables like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Huawei Mate X2 brings with it. Nevertheless, Google holds on still covered on the subject of Pixel Fold. However, the announcement of such a device could still happen in the future – possibly at its own special event.

Sources: Google Keynote (Google I/O ’22) / Google store

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