Google Maps: new widget is available on some Android devices

Before each iOS update, Android reacts by accelerating the updates of its default applications, including one of the most used which is Google Maps.

Android recently added new widgets to the map platform, with the aim of offering direct access to users on their mobile devices.

This new widgets has a search bar with four to eight navigation shortcuts to personalized locations that a user visits frequently, such as: home, work, etc., as well as common search queries such as gas pump (gas station), restaurant and grocery stores.

Google Maps Widgets

The novelty that Google Maps brings was discovered by Reddit users that reported the changes coming from the application developed by Google.

Google Maps search widget seems to support dynamic themes on Android 12 android devices for color. If you are using Android 11, the app seems to use the blue accent color like any other Google widget. The latest widget is reported to be implemented in Google Maps version 11.3.0.

Android 12

These launches made on Google platforms are an appetizer of what will be the launch of Android 12 that in the coming weeks will see light on Google Pixel devices first.

Samsung devices will be able to enjoy the new update in the following weeks.

Among the novelties of Android 12 is:

  • Material You
  • Redesigned widgets
  • Notifications UI updates
  • Overcroll stretch
  • Application Launch Splash Screens

Also in terms of performance, it will offer:

  • Faster and more efficient system performance
  • Optimized foreground services
  • More responsive notifications
  • Yield class
  • Faster machine learning

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