Google News Showcase: State media authorities classify the offer as a media platform

The Google News Showcase has also been available in Germany since the end of 2020. These are highlighted news from portals, including Spiegel, Golem, Focus Online, Die Zeit, various “portals” of the Funke media group and others. Google pays for this content. The Federal Cartel Office then initiated proceedings in mid-2021. The former saw, among other things, the problem that there could be publishers who feel discriminated against.

But now we can be satisfied with Google for now, because the Commission for Approval and Supervision of the State Media Authorities (ZAK) decided today to qualify the “Google News Showcase” service as a media platform under media law.

The decision obliges Google to ensure the provisions of the State Media Treaty (MStV). In addition to submitting an advertisement, he must above all ensure non-discriminatory and equal access for content providers. The principles for the selection and presentation of offers and content should also be made transparent, according to the ZAK – this in turn is good for readers.

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