Google Photos: the “Memories” function is improving to better take you back in time

Google offers a new interface and new features to the Memories module, and inaugurates a collage editor.

Just three years after their launch on Google Photos, Memories will benefit from a new interface. For this redesign, Google wants you to travel back in time. Thus, this update should integrate longer video extracts, in greater number. The still photos that will appear in the Memories of Google Photos will also benefit from a dynamic zoom bringing movement for a more immersive effect. Also, Google indicates the memories will be dressed with a musical background over the next few weeks, as it already exists in the Photos application of iOS. It will obviously always be possible to keep control over what is displayed in these memories. You can therefore continue to hide the photos of certain people or periods that you prefer to hide.

Cinematic photos, which allow you to integrate a 3D effect into still images by detaching the main subject from the background, will also evolve. Google thus indicates that it wants to generate Memories entirely composed of these animated 3D photos, again integrating a musical background. The goal is clear: Google Photos Memories should take you back to those moments from the past as if you were there.

If the memories were until now visible only to you, it will soon be possible to share them with your family and friends. Faced with what was obviously a recurring request from users, Google is integrating a sharing button to allow you to share complete Memories with your loved ones. The option is currently only available on Android but should be deployed soon on iOS as well as on the web version of the service.

Finally, new editing tools will appear. Google has just announced the imminent deployment of a tool for creating photo collages, on Android and iOS applications. Several compositions featuring original designs will be offered.

You will then only have to select the images to use for the collage, then drag and drop them into the collage to change their position. It will even be possible to apply touch-ups or filters to the images chosen directly from a collage.


Google also has a few surprises in store for Google One subscribers. They will be able to access additional features such as the ability to adjust the light in portraits or activate HDR in collages. They will also have access to around thirty additional collage styles.

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