Google Pixel 6 Pro has Tensor chip and camera details revealed

One of the most anticipated releases for this part of the year are the new Pixel 6 e 6 Pro do Google. Both have already been presented, confirmed and revealed, but still continue to suffer leaks before the official announcement. At the end of September, for example, the Google Pixel 6 Pro appeared on Geekbench detailing some Tensor chip specs. Now, they’ve gone through a new benchmark, and they’ve had new information that can help tech supporters, as a camera repair manual leaked.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro pass a new benchmark

Speaking first of the results achieved in the benchmarks, we can say that the Pixel 6 almost managed to reach the Pro model. Both are powered by the chip Tensor, new processor developed by Google itself. In addition, both already appear in the listing by running the Android 12, with differences only in the RAM memory configuration: Pixel 6 has 8GB and Pixel 6 Pro has 12GB.

Pixel 6 Benchmark. (Credit: Geekbench/Reproduction)

Pixel 6 Pro Benchmark. (Credit: Geekbench/Reproduction)

Pixel 6 Pro Benchmark. (Credit: Geekbench/Reproduction)

In the first clash, taking into account only a single processor core, the Pixel 6 achieved 1,027 points, while the Pro model came to register 1.034. In the multi-core test the standard version registered 2.706, and the most robust variant scored 2.756, thus revealing a real balance.

Tensor chip details

In addition to the listing with the device scores, the layout of the Tensor chip was also revealed, which is summarized as follows:

  • 2 cores of 2.80GHz
  • 2 cores at 2.25GHz
  • 4 cores of 1.80GHz

With this information about cores and maximum operating frequency, it is interesting to mention that the scores obtained in the benchmark are less than 2021 flagships, like the Galaxy S21 with Snapdragon 888. Anyway, it still manages to be better than the Pixel 5, but it is worth noting that the platform still needs some optimizations.

Camera repair manual

One of the great expectations for the launch of Pixel 6 Pro is the cameras, as rumors and previous leaks talk about the best camera in Google’s portfolio to date. This information is very consistent with what the repair manual, released by PhoneArena, reveals.

Pixel 6 Pro Camera Repair Manual. (Credit: PhoneArena/Reproduction)

Pixel 6 Pro Camera Repair Manual. (Credit: PhoneArena/Reproduction)

According to the document, the Pixel 6 Pro camera is complex and it may not be that simple to fix. It is likely that she will use a custom calibration system in order to ensure greater color fidelity in the images. Check out an excerpt from the manual translated directly by Oficina da Net:

“If the camera or logic board needs to be replaced, you must use a “GEO” camera module provided to Authorized Service Providers; this module is different from the production camera module which is paired with the original logic board.

The “GEO” module needs to be “calibrated” to the device logic board with vendor-only calibration software. As of the redaction, 2021-10-10, this software has not been leaked publicly and it is unclear whether modules are calibrated by the vendor before being sent for service or are calibrated by the ASPs themselves during repair.”

If this information is correct, the Pixel 6 Pro should have a system very similar to what already happens with OnePlus devices, Samsung, Apple e Oppo, which promote a system of calibration on the screens individually. Whether this is right or not, we need to wait until the next tuesday, october 19th, when Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will finally be made official.

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