Google Pixel Watch: a distribution source reveals a price

Google’s watch is approaching and expected to compete with the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch. It would not be given.

The Google Pixel Watch // Source: Google

As the launch of the new Apple Watch is in full swing, the Android community is looking at another long-awaited product: the Google Pixel Watch.

Google’s connected watch will finally be unveiled at a conference in October, and in the meantime we have to deal with rumors and leaks.

This time this is the 9To5Google website who was able to get their hands on information from the trade. What to discover the price of the Wi-Fi / Bluetooth version of the connected watch.

$349.99 for the first model

The cellular 4G LTE model is known to launch at $399 in the United States. We now learn that the Wi-Fi + Bluetooth model would be launched at $349.99.

The prices seem credible, but the conditional remains rigorous. Traders are free to enter unofficial temporary prices into their databases.

This supposed leak confirms that the watch will be offered in several colors: black, gray and gold with several different bracelets.

For the moment we have to make do with prices in dollars. It will be necessary to see what these prices will give when converted into euros. We know that brands have to choose right now whether or not they want to trim their margins in Europe.

If Google does not do this, we would be on a price of 420 euros for the Wi-Fi model and 480 euros for the 4G LTE model. We would therefore approach the price of the Apple Watch Series 8 available from 499 euros in France and market leader.

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