Google Play: More than ten apps with Joker malware found on Android

One of the great problems of smartphones Android It is the security system. This is usually well optimized, but the virtual store becomes vulnerable. Because of this, it has now been detected again that the Joker malware has made its way again via Google Play Store.

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This information was published by a security analyst through her Twitter account. There are more than 20 applications that appeared in the Google virtual store with the virus and that have more than 50 thousand downloads.


Again, the Joker malware attacks Android users through its virtual store. A few months ago, a large number of apps containing this virus had been detected and removed, but apparently it has not yet disappeared.

Tatyana Shishkova is the security analyst who has found Joker malware applications on Google Play again. So far it has identified 13 of these applications that come as virtual keyboards or scanners.

Joker malware is one of the most dangerous on Android.

Don’t let its funny name fool you as it’s not funny at all. As soon as the application is installed on your smartphone, it begins to spy on your entire computer. They go from grabbing your contacts to stealing money from you with different methods.

At the beginning, they sent you a notification to automatically subscribe to a premium SMS service. Given this, Google modified its message system. But, the creators of Joker modified their system.


This virus has become one of the most recurrent to appear on Android. Although they are no longer available on Google Play because they managed to remove them, we leave the list of them for you to take into account.

  • Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
  • Flashlight Flash Alert Call
  • Volume Hearing Boost
  • EmojiOne Keyboard
EmojiOne Keyboard is one of the apps with Joker virus.
EmojiOne Keyboard is one of the apps with Joker virus.
  • Easy PDF Scanner
  • Smart TV Remote
  • Classic Emoji Keyboard
  • Halloween Coloring
  • Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
  • Super Hero Effect
  • Battery Charging Animations Baterry Wallpaper
  • New QRCode Scan
  • Dazzling Keyboard


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