Google Play Store: these will be the characteristics of the new store design for Android

Material You is that interface redesign developed by Android in its operating system, a few weeks after the launch of the long-awaited Android 12.

Among those applications that have a different appearance is the Google Play Store, the official store for mobile devices with Android operating system.

With the aim of optimizing the user experience, Android embodies in this new design a minimalist aesthetic where round lines stand out, very close to what will be the new version of Android, Android 12.

Google Play Store redesign

The new redesign begins with a pill-shaped search bar that allows the profile avatar to be inserted more appropriately. Below, you will notice how the indicator on the top tab is no longer green (in the Games and Applications tabs), but is colored with dynamic color like the field above.

Also the high bottom bar of the Material You program is taken advantage of with its own pill-shaped highlighting.

“In one respect, the limited nature makes sense given how comprehensive the Play Store is. However, nothing seems to have changed from what we enabled at the end of August “, said the specialized portal 9to5google.

It is now available?

No, this redesign is not yet widely available. If you go into Settings> About> Play Store version today, you’ll be prompted to download 27.4, but we’ve also seen reports of the new look at 27.3.

It is important to note that the changes shown by the Android store are only at the graphical level. In other words, no further developments have been detected in the application, but it is expected to see a slight redesign of other submenus and of the tabs within the application store.

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