Google uses rapper Drake to criticize Apple

Google is pushing for Apple to deploy the RCS protocol in iMessage for recipients on Android. The Mountain View giant took advantage of the release of Drake’s song “Texts Go Green” to support his claim.

When using iMessage on your iPhone, two colors of bubbles may appear. iMessages are represented in blue and allow you to send encrypted messages, photos, videos to another Apple device. Many chat features are on the program like read receipts or reactions.

Google is cracking down on iMessage’s green bubbles – Credit: Apple

But if your recipient is using an Android smartphone, the bubbles will appear green which means you are sending an SMS/MMS. A fact that annoys Google. The Mountain View giant would like its rival to adopt the RCS protocol and its chat features for sending messages to Android users.

Drake used by Google to tackle Apple

While rapper Drake has just unveiled his song Texts Go Green, Google has split a tweet urging Apple to run. In a short video of“unofficial explanation of the lyrics”, the company develops its point: “If only a very talented team of engineers at Apple could solve this problem. Because it’s a problem that only Apple can solve. They just have to adopt RCS, actually. It would also make the messages more secure”can we read in particular.

However, it is very unlikely that Apple will decide to adopt its competitor’s protocol. Or that Apple agrees to take iMessage out of its double-locked ecosystem. Aware of the stubborn character of its rival, Google seeks above all here to tackle Apple by highlighting its inflexibility in front of the plebs. Note, however, that Google Messages now supports iMessage reactions.

Here is the post in question and the song of the famous rapper who documents a toxic relationship through the green bubbles on the iPhone.

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