Google warns: cryptocurrency miners use hacked cloud accounts

Poorly protected Google cloud accounts are used by hackers for crypto mining.

Google has for the first time its “Threat Horizon“-Report (here as a PDF) and possible loopholes in the Cybersicherheit identified. The group sees a big problem with compromised people Google cloud accounts. from 50 recently hacked accounts 86 percent used for mining cryptocurrencies.

The crypto mining software was developed within 22 seconds downloaded after hacking the accounts. In three quarters of the cases, the attackers had each other weak security settings or Vulnerable third party software exploited: “Many successful attacks can be traced back to poor account hygiene and the lack of basic control implementation,” it says in the report.

Russia and North Korea

But Google’s cybersecurity team was also able to identify other dangers. The Russian hacker groups ATP28 (Fancy Bear) has according to the report 12.000 Phishing-Mails sent to Gmail accounts. They tried to steal login information. Google stated that it had blocked the identified emails; the attack mainly targeted users in the USA, Great Britain and India.

Another method was attempted by a group of hackers created by North Korea is supported. They pretended to be Samsung-Personal that the contacted users * inside – mainly in South Korea – offered a job. Those affected were asked to download a Google Drive file via a link. It was the Ransomware Black Matter. The file in Google Drive was blocked by Google.

The group behind Black Matter is said to have announced its end due to increasing pressure from the authorities. However, Google continues to warn against the ransomware. Until it is confirmed that they have actually stopped their activities, there is still a risk.

2-factor authentication

Google strongly recommends activating 2-factor authentication in all cases. That works in Google Account under security. If the 2-factor authentication has not been activated, this is suggested there as the first point.

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