Got a shock message: Now the plans have changed

Earlier this summer, the news came that Linni Meister had sold her apartment, but that the buyer had pulled out at the last minute.

The buyer withdrew due to financial problems, and Linnie told Good Night Norway at the time that the buyer withdrew five days before taking over.

Meister explained that there was therefore likely to be a cover sale, but this did not happen.

No longer interested

During the weekend’s “Reality Awards”, Good evening Norway met Linni on the red carpet. There she could reveal what has happened to the apartment.

– I have decided to continue living there.

She says that it would have been a cover sale if she was still interested in selling the apartment, but that she no longer wants to for several reasons.

– In any case, the plan was to continue living in the area near my son’s secondary school, something we are still doing and will continue to do until he finishes secondary school.

Took a lot of energy

She also says that when she was going to sell the flat, she hadn’t found a new home yet, and since they really enjoy where they live, they ended up staying.

– After all the time, energy, moving, cleaning, washing and plans that did not go as expected and hoped for, I have put the plans on hold.

She says that it has been very tough, tiring and frustrating for her to stand in this, but that it has finally worked out.

She says that the reason she wanted to move in the first place was to get more space, but that they manage well where they live now.

– Dennis still has his room and all his things, so he is more than happy and enjoys living where we live. That is the most important thing.

Waiting to become cohabitants

She also explains why she and her boyfriend Morten Rognstad have not moved in together yet.

– We love to sleep with each other and just be a bit “forties”. We have our whole lives to live together, so nothing is urgent.

She says that the process would have been different if the couple had intended to move in together.

– Then I had sold and found something with him, so that we would have had more space for us and the children.

The reason the couple do not move in together is that they both have children from previous relationships, and the children want to continue at the school they already attend. Meister has a son Dennis (12), while Rognstad has two children from before.

– Dennis’s needs and wishes clearly come before everything else, so that Morten and I move in together will not happen right away. Everything in its time.

– Won when I met her

During the Reality Awards on Friday, Linni and her boyfriend won the award for “Romance of the Year”. They both thought it was great.

– For me, love is my religion, and that means everything to me. That’s why winning this award with my soulmate means everything.

The couple in love also say that their children were at home cheering, and that this award is therefore for them too.

– I feel like I already won when I met her, so getting this award is just a bonus, Rognstad concludes.

Watch a video of how the couple reacted to the award in the video below.

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