Gotham Knights: here’s when you can experience new gameplay

Notice to Batman fans, his acolytes will show themselves in action in a new gameplay video which will highlight the two former Robins of the game.

The little blunder of the PlayStation Store would have prompted Warner Bros to react? A few hours after it was discovered that Gotham Knights could offer a more ambitious co-op mode than expected, the publisher announces a presentation dedicated to the game.

Gameplay for Gotham Knights tomorrow

We imagined seeing him again at the Summer Game Fest, but Warner Bros decided to surprise us with an unexpected presentation. The appointment is given tomorrow Tuesday, May 10 at 3 p.m. (French time) for a new gameplay video of Gotham Knights. The new clips will only focus on two characters: Red Hood and Nightwing.

The opportunity to discover the two former Robin in action and in the process of lashing out some thugs, probably in cooperation. The studio will likely dwell on the specifics of each in terms of gameplay, movement, skills and combat. We imagine that the studio will not take the opportunity to confirm or deny the rumors around the four-player coop. Maybe Warner Bros will want to keep the surprise for a bigger event, like the Summer Game Fest which will be held on June 9th. Gotham Knights will obviously make an appearance there.

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