Gotham Knights: The story will vary depending on the character played

In the course of a recent interview granted to PLAY Magazine, the developers of WB Games Montreal explained that that of Gotham Knights it will be a story that will undergo different variations depending on the character we will play in the action-adventure that is part of the Batman Arkham universe.

It was the game director Geoff Ellenor and the cinematics director Wilson Mui to explain that to see all the contents proposed in the story of Gotham Knights we will necessarily have to make more than one playthrough. The narrative base will be the same for everyone, but each character will influence some details of the story.

We actually made four [storie], not just one! You won’t see everything in a single playthrough. This is because there is so much content that the characters will perceive in a unique way. Structurally, we will have a very similar scene that overall falls into the same story for each character, but each of them has their own version. They move differently, they speak differently, they have different stories, and this allows us to create their own scene. If you were to interpret Batgirlyou will do it by getting his version, but if you play like Robin you will get his version of the scene. Some sequences will be very similar to each other, but there will be small and subtle differences “.

Waiting for the debut scheduled for October 21st on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, we refer you to our Gotham Knights Preview for further information on the WB Games title.

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