Gothenburg takes after Malmö to stop the deadly violence

Already at the beginning of the year, politicians in the City of Gothenburg decided to investigate the possibilities of introducing “Stop shooting”, a model that originated in the United States, where Group Violence Intervention led to a reduction in lethal violence in New Orleans, Cincinatti and Boston.

For Sweden, the project started in Malmö as a collaboration between the police, the prison service, the city of Malmö and civil society in 2018. And since then, the number of shootings has decreased.

Now the politicians in the City of Gothenburg also want to introduce the model. It was an almost unanimous municipal board that hammered through the decision on Wednesday. Only the Sweden Democrats made a reservation.

– We want to put pressure on the individual not to use firearms, says Axel Josefson (M), chairman of the municipal board, who adds that he is pleased that the municipal board has made this decision.

Unclear how big reduction

The City of Gothenburg will now appoint a position to be shared between the four social administrations in the city. But how big an impact the project will have on the number of shootings is difficult to predict. According to researchers from Malmö University, who evaluated the project there, it is too early to say how much reduction has actually taken place.

– We hope, of course, that we will reduce the number of shootings sharply, even though we have fewer shootings in Gothenburg than in Malmö and Stockholm, it is too many, says Axel Josefson.

In the clip, you hear Gabriella Nässén, head of Security and Society in Gothenburg, about introducing the Stop shooting method.

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After 400 shootings – Gothenburg plans to introduce the project “Stop shooting” Photo: SVT

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