Govee LED Strip Light M1: New strip costs around 100 euros

Govee has published an almost overwhelming range of smart lighting solutions over the past few months. With the LED Strip Light M1, another product is now coming onto the market. For around 100 euros you get a 5 meter long LED strip light. Govee installs 60 LEDs per meter and drums that they have the highest luminosity of all Lights Strips.

From my own point of view: It may seem like this when you look directly at it, I installed a sample behind a couch that is at a distance from the wall, so the whole thing seems a bit inconspicuous.

As usual, Govee gives you the option to customize each color segment, with preconfigured scenes built into the app. By the way, it hasn’t changed, I think it’s functionally good, but somehow not so nicely solved optically.

Ex factory will Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are supported, but you can also get the Govee lighting in Apple HomeKit via Homebridge. The strip still has a classic cable remote control, and there is also a built-in microphone if someone wants to build a light organ. Govee DreamView T1 or the G1 – the TV lighting solution – can be connected and thus synchronized.

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