Government achievements of Antonio Astiazarán Gutiérrez in Hermosillo


This first year, 681.9 million pesos will be invested in public works, three times what has normally been invested in the last three years. 80% of this investment in work is with the municipality’s own resources.

With this investment, Hermosillo is the first place in construction at the state level.

To date, a total of 215,000 square meters of pavement have been potholed in the state capital, a surface that is equivalent to having potholed the entire area of ​​the Sonora Stadium almost five times.

Maintenance work was carried out on more than 32,000 linear meters of rainwater channels, a figure equivalent to 70% of the city’s total. This prevented flooding despite heavy rains in the city.

The “Green Patrol” program was launched. A team of 30 inspectors from the areas of Municipal Public Services, the Municipal Institute of Ecology and the Municipal Agency for Energy and Climate Change will have 20 hybrid patrols, whose function is to collect garbage as well as punish people who commit crimes such as throwing or leave waste of any kind on public roads and waste drinking water.

To date, 62 paving and infrastructure works have been carried out or started in the city, such as various resurfacing of streets and the construction of roads and hydraulic concrete crossings.

The “Zero Potholes” program was launched, with which taxpayers who have complied with property tax have a guarantee of 7 working days in the attention of their pothole reports or otherwise they can receive discounts in the payment of municipal obligations equivalent to their payment of this year’s predial. To date, 100% of the reports made by compliant taxpayers have been attended to within 7 business days.

Economic development

Hermosillo ranked as the second Mexican city (only behind Guadalajara) with the highest overall progress in the Sustainable Cities Index (ICS), which measures compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals. Hermosillo obtained 64 points, highlighting its progress in Peace, justice and solid institutions, Decent work and economic growth, and Gender equality.

The Americas Cities of the Future 2021/22 study, prepared by FDI Intelligence of the Financial Times newspaper, placed Hermosillo as the fifth medium-sized city with the greatest economic potential in the American continent. The first four places are occupied by: Raleigh, North Carolina; Mississauga, Ontario; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Apodaca, Nuevo Leon. The categories analyzed in the study included Economic Potential, Business Friendship, Human Capital and Lifestyle, Profitability and Connectivity.

As promised, the Municipal Economic Development Agency was created with the aim of promoting Hermosillo as a safe city with conditions that guarantee legal and technical certainty to those who are committed to investing in the capital of Sonora.

From January to August, 10,472 new formal jobs have been generated in Hermosillo, the second best January-August period of the last 11 years in terms of job creation, according to IMSS data.

With the jobs generated up to August, Hermosillo is positioned among the most dynamic capital cities in Mexico, matching or surpassing the creation of jobs in cities such as Chihuahua, Mexicali, Monterrey and Mérida.

Thanks to the growth of formal employment, the unemployment rate fell to 2.9% during the second quarter of 2022, its lowest level in 17 years, according to the INEGI National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE).

The “MaxiApoyos” program was launched, with which zero-rate microcredits will be granted, mainly aimed at women who want to start a small business. 100 women have already been trained to receive this support. It is expected to complete the training of 500 entrepreneurs this year, and double that number for next year

To streamline municipal procedures and thereby generate better conditions for business development, Hermosillo joined the “Competitive Municipalities” project, promoted by the Center for Economic Studies of the Private Sector (CEESP) and financed by USAID Mexico.

Public security

Last June, the perception of insecurity in Hermosillo stood at 60.5%, the lowest level for a month of June in the last 6 years, according to the National Survey of Urban Public Security (ENSU) by INEGI.

In this way, Hermosillo is positioned as the municipality with the greatest reduction in the perception of insecurity in the state from September 2021 to June 2022, according to INEGI measurements, which includes the municipalities of Cajeme and Nogales. .

From January to July of this 2022, the incidence of intentional homicides in Hermosillo fell by -30.2%, according to figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System.

In general terms, the crime incidence in Hermosillo has been reduced by -18.6% so far in 2022.

Thus, among the municipalities of Sonora with a population greater than 175,000 inhabitants, Hermosillo ranks first in reducing the total crime rate.

In addition to homicides, other high-impact crimes with significant reductions, so far in 2022, in Hermosillo are: business robberies (-21.4%), rapes (-43.0%), family violence (-43.8%) and femicides (-66.7%).

The campaign promise of creating a Tourist Police was fulfilled, with which it seeks to provide security and confidence to visitors who are in the city’s tourist and hotel points.

Since this first year of Government, the Municipal Police has 220 new electric patrols, with which the municipality will obtain savings in fuel and maintenance, but above all it will be able to significantly reduce response times to emergency calls from citizens.

In addition, a squad of 5 high-tech drones and a base truck will be acquired, in order to increase the surveillance and intelligence capabilities of the Municipal Police.

Public finances

The municipality’s public debt was refinanced, which is expected to save 123.9 million pesos in debt payments during the current administration, by lowering the surcharge paid by the Municipality for its financing.

To stimulate the payment of the predial, this year the insurance against robbery and fire was restored to home for compliant taxpayers, which covers up to 25 thousand pesos possible losses due to these claims.

The rating agency PCR Verum improved the credit rating of the City of Hermosillo by six levels, thanks to proper management of municipal finances. With this, the municipality will enjoy better rates on its debt, save resources and be able to provide better services to citizens.

This year, Hermosillo rose from 14th to 11th place (out of 56 municipalities) in the ranking on the implementation of Results-Based Budgeting (PbR), which is carried out annually by the SHCP. This means that public resources are increasingly better focused to address the problems and needs of citizens.

Participation and citizen attention programs

To deal with the water problem, 1,500 water tanks have been delivered to families from Hermosillo, with a storage capacity of 750 liters, especially in neighborhoods in the north of the city where there are supply problems and low pressure.

To date, 341 CRECES committees have been formed for citizen participation, from which citizens can decide on the works carried out in their neighborhood or sector.

This year a participatory budget of 40 million pesos was voted for the first time in the state capital, where citizens voted for the performance of specific works in their areas and sectors. There was a participation of more than 24 thousand Hermosillenses during the voting that took place from August 29 to September 3 last.

The “Citizen Wednesday” program was reactivated, taking the Hermosillo neighborhoods to carry out procedures and offer services from the City Council, also promoting the rapprochement of municipal officials and citizens. So far, about 20 “Citizen Wednesdays” have been held.

The Hogar Solar and Peso Solar programs were launched, with which the installation of solar panels in homes and buildings belonging to Civil Society Organizations will be facilitated and financed, in order to promote the use of renewable energies and save on electricity costs .

On its 20th anniversary, the Fiestas del Pitic 2022 had a record attendance with more than 100 thousand visitors, thanks to the offer of a significant number of events and activities, with the participation of local, national and international artists.

The garbage collection service has a citizenship rating of 8.8, one of the 3 highest in the country in this area, according to the National Survey of Quality and Government Impact (ENCIG) of Inegi.

A free Wi-Fi network is being installed in the city. To date, there is already coverage in 150 points in the city and its implementation in the main square of Poblado Miguel Alemán was also considered.

The Directorate of Municipal Public Services has a permanent afforestation and reforestation program, especially to reduce the lag of green areas in the population center of Hermosillo. Thanks to this program, this year a total of 6,689 trees have been delivered to the population.

On the other hand, for the first time the City Council is producing trees in the Municipal Nursery and this year a total of 5,372 trees were planted, which will make it possible to permanently maintain afforestation and reforestation of the city’s green areas, without relying on donations. exemplar external. In this way, the goal is that in 2023 around 10 thousand trees will be produced, which will be mainly donated to the citizens to be planted in our city.

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