Government: after two years of service, Jean Castex bows out



Government: after two years of service, Jean Castex bows out

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G. Daret, O. Meyer, M. Tamon, N. Leydier, A. Boulet – franceinfo

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While he should resign on Sunday May 15, the Prime Minister organized a farewell party to celebrate the end of his mission at Matignon. For the French, he will have been one of the main figures of the Covid-19 crisis.

A standing ovation and a rugby jersey, that’s what Jean Castex got from his government before his imminent departure from Matignon. Unknown to the general public and his ministers on his arrival as Prime Minister, Jean Castex is first remembered for his management of the covid. The French had become accustomed to seeing him during numerous press conferences, in which he announced the measures put in place against the disease.

Sometimes mocked for his accent, the Prime Minister is recognized for his sense of humor. Despite this, he knew how to show character and was not afraid to raise his voice, as in the National Assembly. Despite his desire to stay close to people, some people have criticized him for his effacement vis-à-vis the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. Jean Castex has already indicated that he does not want to be a minister in the next government.

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