Government alliance: Ampel: How much change is there in the new coalition?

The traffic light parties have come to an agreement. There is talk of a departure, but little is felt. About a contract presentation like with a notary.

That could be a smile the hint of it, the twitch of a flattered man. For a fleeting moment, the tension disappears from Olaf Scholz, from the man about whom FDP leader Christian Lindner has just said next to him that he will be “a strong Federal Chancellor.”

Wednesday, around 3 p.m., the time has come: Die traffic light stands. The SPD, FDP and the Greens presented their almost 180-page coalition agreement. Social Democrat Scholz is separated from the Chancellery by the approval of the grassroots SPD, FDP and Greens as well as his election as Chancellor in the first week of December. According to the state of affairs: not a big hurdle race.

The “traffic light” is reminiscent of Willy Brandt

On the large screen behind Scholz it says “Dare to make more progress”. That is their motto – and a loan from Willy Brandtwho wanted to dare more democracy at the end of the 1960s. The partners talk of “new beginnings”, of “opportunities”, the Green Robert Habeck of a “document of confidence”. But the terms don’t match the strained faces: Seldom has a coalition started in such a business-like manner.

Habeck says they “took on a lot” and wrestled for hours over sentences, says Lindner. The negotiations were as controversial as they were discreet. It seems they want to transcript dropping over an agony. On the one hand.

On the other hand, it’s damn heavy to find out what is going on in Scholz. He brings the good hour-long presentation of the coalition agreement behind him with one and the same expression, with a butler face.

He remembered that the first Traffic lights Was introduced in Berlin in 1924, at that time an unusual technique that can no longer be thought out of the world today. It ensures that everyone moves forward quickly and without problems – he sees a similarly groundbreaking role for the political traffic lights in 2021.

A nice metaphor, for someone like Scholz a rhetorical one Extravaganz. In the afternoon, the parties invited to the presentation of the contract in a listed former warehouse in the Westhafen Berlin, formerly an industrial building, now a so-called event location. A small stage with four desks is set up in the large hall, which is approximately 800 square meters.

The liberals prevailed

After Scholz and Habeck, Lindner takes the floor. If you listen to him, you get the idea that you need to persuade your partners well. He once said that the SPD and the Greens could be “proud” of what they had negotiated into the coalition agreement. the Liberals would have got to know Scholz anew as a strong leader, a man with values, with an attitude, with an inner handrail to hold on to.

In retrospect, one notices that Lindner is the only one who is clearly enthusiastic about Scholz, even more than the two SPD bosses Saskia Esken and Norbert Walter-Borjans. When it comes to a core element of the agreement, climate protection, he claims the coalition is the most ambitious Climate protection program an industrial nation – and would do everything that is politically and economically achievable.

That should mean: Cheer up, you Greens. Because: The most common reading of the coalition agreement is that the liberals have prevailed. At lunchtime, the FDP committees quickly made it clear to Lindner that they had both the contract and the four Ministries agree to fall for them: finance, justice, transport and education. It is the Greens who question their members and first have to explain the contract to them.

In the morning, the negotiators finally agreed on the distribution of the ministries, six for the SPD, five for the Greens, four for the FDP. Afterwards there was a toast, not with champagne, but with beer, optionally alcohol-free – which goes well with sober togetherness.

Scholz wants one Special party conference wait on December 4th and not reveal who will join the cabinet for the SPD until then; maybe even beyond that until the election of Chancellor. Not every candidate should be spoken to.

The pandemic as a test

This is also due to the fact that Scholz is striving for a cabinet with equal numbers of women and men. Since the FDP has three men and only one woman, the SPD is the same Quote the end. In addition, the Greens are considering sending three men and two to the government, which in turn would lead to the Social Democrats rebalancing the quota. As things stand, the SPD has three men and five women.

Of course, the fight against the corona pandemic has priority. Scholz announced several measures, including a permanent crisis team and an expert group that analyzes the situation for the Chancellery on a daily basis. The Chancellor-designate made it clear that the Infection protection Is a matter for the boss. And his first major test.

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