Government is not in contact with the ELN: Commissioner

In interview at 6 am Hoy Por Hoy the High Commissioner for Peace Juan Camilo Restrepo stated that the Government is not in rapprochement with the ELN.

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Likewise, the official clarified that, “the Colombian Government is not in the exploration stage with the ELN. We continue to ratify that when the ELN ceases its criminal activities, the Government will initiate a exploration stage“.

“Under the umbrella of humanitarian agreements, one cannot do politics with peace. One cannot legitimize the activities of organized armed groups“Sánchez mentioned.

On the other hand, it indicated that, “the State of Government cannot carry out its functions and missionalityHow it is to protect the life, honor and property of Colombians. Likewise, what generates hope is that the armed group ELN cease its criminal activities and the people cannot be fooled “.

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