Government maintains transparent dialogue with carriers in order to improve service for the entire population

The Government of President Nayib Bukele is carrying out specific actions to benefit the Salvadoran population, such is the case of the public transport system, for which conditions are sought that generate an efficient, quality and safe service for users.

This morning, The Deputy Minister of Transport, Saúl Castelar, spoke about the dialogue process that they are developing as a Government with the passenger transport businessmen, in order to obtain a joint participation in the integral transformation of the sector.

“We have a cordial and open dialogue to guarantee the population the best possible service”, emphasized the official, who added that within the meetings they have raised the importance of a change in the behavior of those who provide transportation services to the population.

Deputy Minister of Transport, Saúl Castelar. | THE PAGE NEWSPAPER | Photo: Courtesy VMT.

As the official explained, These approaches have been transparent, and one of the aspects that have been pointed out by businessmen as an advantage is the issue of public security, which they have expressed is helping them since they have seen a significant reduction in extortion.

Historically, it has been a cry from the sector that effective measures be taken against extortion,” he added.

Likewise, he explained that as part of the work carried out by the Vice Ministry of Transportation (VMT) there are constant vehicle controls to guarantee compliance with the measures that seek to relieve salvadoran families economically, and specifically, with the verifications it is guaranteed that there is no unjustified increase in fares.

We are sticking to what the law commands us, the law does not seek to affect the sector, but rather that it has the appropriate conditions to provide a good service to the population”, Castellar emphasized.

The Government is implementing, on a national scale, processes of rapprochement with transport companies and in this way advance along the path that causes a change in the service that Salvadorans receive, which includes units in good condition.

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