Government of Coahuila inaugurates two industrial plants in Daimay

The conditions of security, labor peace and skilled labor determined the construction of the Industrial Plants III and IV of the Daimay company In the town of Ramos Arizpe, in which 32 million dollars were invested, 1,000 direct jobs were generated and which were inaugurated this Tuesday, October 12 by the governor, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís.

Located in the Finsa Industrial Park, Its construction began in September of last year and now they are fully involved in the production of headrests and visors for vehicle interiors.

Together with the mayor of Ramos Arizpe, José María Morales Padilla; to the Secretary of State for the Economy, Jaime Guerra Pérez, and executives of the business consortium headed by the general manager of the Campus Daimay, Víctor Villarreal Sosa, the state president cut the inaugural ribbon for the two new plants.

In his speech, the governor highlighted the determination of the consortium, because despite the challenges derived from the Covid-19 health contingency, it determined the expansion of the campus.

He recalled that a little over 13 months ago, he also inaugurated Plant II and laid the first stone for the expansion of the company that is already in operation.

He asserted that “the pandemic made the future look uncertain, investments were stopped and speculation was created about the Foreign direct investment (IED). However, Coahuila was able to respond very quickly, with the efforts of all sectors, I cannot say that my government, but it was the entire society that actively participated in decision-making, we were taking the correct ones together ”.

Riquelme Solís specified that it would be irresponsible for him to say that only his government made the decisions, since these were jointly with the businessman, merchants and with those who were involved in the issue of health and economic reactivation.

Gradually, all these challenges have been overcome and the productivity and development of Coahuila it never stopped, added the state executive.

The governor of Coahuila He shared the experiences of the state in the face of the health contingency with the ambassadors of the European Union, with whom he met this Monday, October 11.

In addition, he reported that the entity did not stop producing qualified labor to meet the demand of investors who trust Coahuila.

“The professional practices in the workshops of the Coahuila schools never stopped, despite the fact that, as they are federalized, they received the instruction to stop at 100%, we did not do it, it was a local decision that today allows us to continue offering that hand of work required by those who trust Coahuila ”, he highlighted.

The above, when highlighting that the entity was one of the first to reactivate the face-to-face classes, although the decisions were made with great responsibility, without mistakes that would be costing them right now.

“At this moment it would be costing us our competitiveness and, above all, the supply of qualified labor,” Riquelme Solís pointed out.

He stressed that, for this reason, companies such as Daimay They find fertile land in the entity to grow and improve, but above all to strengthen the automotive sector, and indicated that the arrival of new investments to the entity continues.

“We have many companies that are about to make decisions, others that have already announced their expansion and extension, and the southeast region continues as a very important development pole in the northeast of the country,” he said.

The president added that in addition, the entity works with great responsibility to maintain the balance that his administration seeks.


In that sense, he specified that all state indicators are positive “and whoever comes to invest knows that they are the best in the north of the country, including security.”

“The above facilitates the promotion of foreign investment in Coahuila and the confidence of those who have been here for many years, who have employed many people and who have invested and risked all their capital for our entity and for leaving their profits here” he added.

It is a virtuous circle, he stressed, because quality products, qualified labor are manufactured here and it also has to be a responsible company, and this characteristic already exists in the five regions of Coahuila.

In addition, he reiterated that the most important thing in the entity is to preserve the rule of law and security to meet the demands of companies that seek to locate in the region, or that intend to expand their facilities.

In this sense, the Coahuila president mentioned that the entity also works as a team with the Legislative and Judicial powers to maintain and guarantee the rule of law that any company seeks to invest its capital.

He commented that this policy also highlights citizen participation, “which is here to stay, as evidenced in the formation of the Regional Technical Subcommittees, where there is representation from all sectors of society.”

He added that in Coahuila there is a mechanism that leaves positive results from the joint work, closely coordinated, which must be followed by the next 38 mayors, elected and re-elected, who will take office next January.

“He has in the government of Coahuila the best link for the 38 municipalities and the powers of the state. We are together in this and in many things that are for the good of all Coahuila ”, he added.


The regional manager of the Campus Daimay, Víctor Villarreal Sosa, recalled that Plant II of the company was inaugurated in September of last year and now Plant III and IV are a reality.

The consortium started in Ramos Arizpe with 300 collaborators and now there are more than 1,700, “because here it found fertile land for its growth and stability.”

He stressed that despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, “we are one of the fastest growing companies in the region, as we went from one to four plants in less than three years.”

While the mayor of Ramos Arizpe, José María Morales Padilla, recognized the disposition of Daimey for extending its operation in the locality, “which consolidates the industrial vocation of the region.”

“It is much more remarkable when a company decides to continue investing and consolidating its operations in Ramos Arizpe, which is what it found in Coahuila and in the southeast region optimal conditions to maintain the development of its business vision “, he asserted

The Campus Daimay It mainly produces visors for car interiors, a line that leads the world. Also headboards, armrests and ceiling consoles, among other items for this industry.

It has manufacturing plants in China, Mexico, the United States and France, and its main clients include prestigious vehicle brands such as Honda, Toyota, Ford, VW, BMW, Acura, Subaru, Lexus and Fiat.

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