Government releases R$ 1.4 billion to purchase vaccines against covid-19

The National Immunization Plan received R$ 1.4 billion for the purchase of 100 million doses of vaccines against covid-19. The ordinance with the release of resources was published yesterday (23), in an extraordinary edition in the Federal Official Gazette.

The money came through a supplementary credit in the 2021 Budget, which reallocated discretionary (non-mandatory) spending, without impacting public accounts or breaking the spending ceiling. If the resources came through extraordinary credits, they would be outside the ceiling.

The release of resources had been announced last Monday (22) by the special secretary of Treasury and Budget of the Ministry of Economy, Esteves Colnago. The government hopes to buy 340 million doses of covid-19 vaccine for the next phases of immunization.

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According to Colnago, the supplementary credit was necessary because the government needs to advance 10% of the contract value this year. “The bulk of the expense [com a aquisição de vacinas] it will be next year”, he declared.

In 2020 and 2021, the Ministry of Economy released R$31 billion in additional credits for the purchase of vaccines and for expenses related to fighting the covid-19 pandemic.

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