Government will face wave of protests and stoppages due to rising fuel and food prices

Strike of carriers left four dead in the protests, in Huancayo.  Photo: Twitter
Strike of carriers left four dead in the protests, in Huancayo. Photo: Twitter

A harsh social and economic crisis is looming in the next few days in our country, after various transport unions, at the national level, announce that they will carry out a indefinite unemployment this June 27 and July 4. The main reason for these stoppages is due to the increase in fuel prices, which until now records more than 30 soles per gallon.

Let us remember that Peru experienced a very similar situation in April of this year, when various excesses were reported in the regions. The cause was also due to the rise in the price of gasoline and the increase in tolls. At that time, transportation guilds began and agriculture guilds joined. Unfortunately, the balance before these demonstrations that lasted more than two weeks, was 8 dead.

After two months, a new situation puts the stability of the country in check, since carriers have indicated that this Monday they will abide by an indefinite strike. They have even expressed that this measure will bring shortages in the main markets of Lima.

“We are asking food transporters and farmers to speed up their movements because on Monday no food is going to enter Lima,” warned Javier Marchese, president of the National Union of Heavy Cargo Carriers (UNT) for Perú21 TV.

“To the population of Lima, we ask you not to be afraid and to stock up. (…) To the housewives, forgive us, but the solution also passes through us”, he added.

Let us remember that this sector is in charge of transporting the main essential products such as tubers, legumes, meat. By complying with a strike, food stops entering the various markets within the country, generating an increase in their prices and shortages, as happened in April of this yearwhen carrots cost 22 soles per kilo and there was a shortage of chicken.

The agriculture union in our country will also join the indefinite strikesince this sector has been hit hard in recent months by the rise in the price of fertilizers and especially by the shortage of urea, an important input used to harvest and plant.

They assert that there is a lack of support from the Government of President Pedro Castillo in the face of rising prices, the food crisis and the second agrarian reform.

Among the organizations that will join this call is the National Agrarian Confederation, the Peasant Confederation of Peru, the CGTP, among others.

“The call is wide and we are going to have massive participation in the regions”, expressed Rildo Tangay, farmer leader of Ancash to a local media.

For her part, Rosalía Clemente, head of the National Agrarian Confederation, assured that the decision adopted by the different organizations is not negotiable and stressed that the constant changes in the Executive do not generate stability to work with the ministers.

Demonstrations continue in Huancayo.  Photo: Social networks.
Demonstrations continue in Huancayo. Photo: Social networks.

The farmers of Peru demand that the authorities provide a prompt solution due to the rise in the price of fertilizers and do not extend the purchase of urea any further, especially since the harvest season will soon arrive.

“We are very worried because we are going to stop planting, there is a national concern. We are promoting a regional strike in the face of the refusal of the Central Government and the Regional Government”, Linder Mauricio Diestra, representative of the Irchim de Áncash Users Board, pointed out in a dialogue with Successful.

He also stressed that the changes in the Midagri have harmed the peasants. “They put a minister and he left everything structured, then the minister Óscar Zea came in and threw everything away. Now they have withdrawn it and another minister has entered. That is to say, there is no clarity in the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation”, he criticized.

“Around 60% of the 12,000 farmers in the Santa Valley would be affected by this situation, which would trigger a food crisis and increase food prices. Apparently agriculture is not a priority for the State”, declared Mauricio Diestra, a farmer, for Radio Santo Domingo.

Carrier strike will take place on July 4
Carrier strike will take place on July 4

Among the main requests that the transport union requests is to restore the transport of goods as a public service, they demand the reduction of diesel and that there be more restrictions on international port operators. In addition to a fair price of tolls, since this year it increased its value.

It should be noted that at the national level there are more than 350 thousand cargo transport companies and in Piura there are 4,200 that will paralyze their work and will obviously affect commercial movement, while in Lambayeque there are more than 35 thousand.

For their part, the carriers that include the collective, motorcycle taxi and urban transport unions will protest the unstoppable rise in fuel prices, the costly processing of driver’s licenses to enter the National Drivers System (SNC) and the new regulations that regulates the autocollective service that does not adjust to the reality of each region.

Transport unions evaluate joining the national strike on June 27 and 28.  PHOTO: The Republic.
Transport unions evaluate joining the national strike on June 27 and 28. PHOTO: The Republic.

This June 22, the teachers of the city of Piura, announced that this July 5 there will be a teachers’ strike. Jorge Luis Puescas Rodríguez, Secretary of Defense of the Teachers’ Union (SIMA) maintained that this measure was taken due to unfulfilled promises made by President Castillo, one of which was to increase the GDP for Education.

Likewise, it regretted that after the publication of Supreme Decree 128-2022, on the payment of judicial sentences, The Government has given 200 million soles at the national level and for Piura it will only be 7 million to attend to about a thousand teachers.

“That means that each teacher will only get less than 5 thousand soles and it is not for everyone, it will only be for those over 80 years of age”narrowed down


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