“GQ”: David Alaba is one of the “Men of the Year”

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David Alaba
Real Madrid’s David Alaba celebrates a goal on the pitch. © Sergei Grits/AP/dpa

According to the style magazine “GQ”, the Austrian athlete knows how to deal with enormous pressure. He is now being honored for this.

Berlin/Munich – The Austrian footballer David Alaba (30) is one of the “Men of the Year” for the German edition of the style magazine “GQ”.

“David Alaba switched from the big FC Bayern to the even bigger club Real Madrid and was planned there directly as a central figure in the defense,” said the Munich-based magazine on Thursday. “Not many footballers in the world are able to deal with such enormous pressure.” Alaba has proven that he is one of them and has won the national championship and the Champions League with the team. The “GQ” Awards will take place on December 1st as a dinner gala in Berlin.

In addition to Alaba, the film star Eddie Redmayne (“The Discovery of Infinity”) is also honored as one of the other prizewinners. He attracted attention as male nurse and serial killer Charles Cullen in the 2022 Netflix film The Good Nurse.

GQ magazine has many editions internationally, including in the US, UK, Mexico and China. In Germany, the “Men of the Year” are being honored for the 24th time. dpa

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