Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 and PS5: Fanatec unveils the DD PRO wheel with Force Feedback nextgen

Four months after the announcement of steering wheels and peripherals in development on PS4 and PS5, the leaders of Fanatec officially presents DD PRO, the new high-performance Racing Wheel that promises to elevate the simulation experience offered by Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 and PlayStation 5.

The German company specializing in the creation of peripherals for simulation driving game enthusiasts has worked closely with Polyphony Digital to make the gaming experience even more immersive in the next, highly anticipated chapter of the Real Driving Simulator.

In addition to the inevitable set of buttons, OLED displays, levers and high performance pedals, the DD PRO by Fanatec boasts a Latest generation Force Feedback based on the complete re-engineering of the steering wheel which, mounted directly on the engine without the aid of gears or belts, returns a “direct” vibration and, for this reason, more authentic.

Being a high-end peripheral and designed for pro players, Fanatec’s GT DD PRO is sold to a price of 699.95 euros to go up, based on the number of accessories and upgrades selected to assemble your dream racing station. Fanatec DD PRO pre-orders will officially open tomorrow, Friday 26 November, with launch scheduled for March 2022 coinciding with the marketing of Gran Turismo 7. To those who feel the irrepressible need to equip themselves with the GT DD PRO, the Teutonic company still offers the opportunity to buy a steering wheel from the first series produced for € 849.95 and receive it by Christmas.

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