Gran Turismo, here is the most expensive PS5 wheel ever

Can a peripheral cost more than the console and the game it is aimed at? If it is a particular wheel for Gran Turismo 7 for PlayStation 5, the answer is yes. Officially presented by Fanatec, the steering wheel is certainly one of the most expensive in the world, but there is a reason behind this price.

Officially called Great tourism DD Pro, it is a “direct drive” type steering wheel. What does this all mean? Which can also be used with force feedback technology, to restore the feeling of driving feeling. A realistic feedback, since it has no hardware limitations. The steering wheel was not made autonomously, but to ensure correct operation Fanatec has produced everything with the supervision of Polyphony Digital.

The price of the new steering wheel for Great tourism (which however will also work with other racing games) it is also well justified by its build quality. There is an OLED display and a RevLED strip, which provides the player with some information on a visual level. Analog sticks, the symbol keys of the PlayStation controller and of course also a pedal board, consisting of accelerator and brake (no, no manual gearbox, at least for now). To increase the feedback of the pedals it is possible to buy separately a cell brake, which allows for greater realism.

Pre-orders for the new Fanatec steering wheel they will open tomorrow. The steering wheel will cost 700 Euros and will arrive in time for March 2022, when the new one Great tourism will debut on the market for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. However, paying 849 Euros (therefore about 150 Euros more) it will be possible to get it a few months in advance. There is also a special package, which includes the steering wheel plus other accessories and the cell brake for just under 1,000 Euros. Figures obviously out of the ordinary, but considering that yes it is a technology destined to become mainstream, we are clearly in the early adopter period. Probably in a few years everything can be recovered at a slightly more affordable price.

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