Grandfather could not bear the death of his wife and committed suicide in Yucatan

Sad ending had a Grandpa from Yucatan, who know committed suicide after suffering depression due to the recent death of his wife.

It is about a man identified as Venancio C., 71 years old, who deprived himself of his life in a property located in the Lourdes neighborhood, in the municipality of Hunucmá.

According to the first reports, it was his 51-year-old daughter Guadalupe, who found the man hanging.

According to the woman, on Wednesday morning she went out to buy at the market, leaving her father alone for a moment, but she did not want to leave him alone for a long time because had seen depressed and returned shortly after.

Man commits suicide by way of hanging

The woman said her dad had depression.

Unfortunately, his hunches came true, when when he got home he found his dad hanging, so he quickly took him off the hook and asked for help from the emergency services.

Paramedics appeared at the scene, who could do nothing for the man, since he had no vital signs, so elements of the Municipal Police cordoned off the area and notified the staff of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), for which elements of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) were presented, who were in charge of lifting the body.

It is worth mentioning that this man’s daughter stated that her father had been depressed, since his wife passed away a week ago from a heart attack.

With the death of this grandfather, eight suicides have already been reported so far this year in the aforementioned community.

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