Grandparents on the run, they’re in love

Argentina.- Some grandparents in love, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, escaped from the “El Pinar de Devoto” nursing home because they wanted to be together.

It was reported that the 81-year-old man and the 69-year-old woman, both with Alzheimer’s, stole the keys to the private nursing home and locked up employees and residents before escaping.

It was then that the owner of the nursing home reported the disappearance of the grandparents in love to the local Police Neighborhood Police Station. Thus began the search for her.

Hours later, the National Correctional and Misdemeanor Prosecutor informed the Missing Persons Division, strengthening the investigation.

In addition, relatives of the grandparents in love and nursing home staff supported the search. However, an anonymous caller alerted to his location.

The witness observed an elderly couple walking along Beiró and 64 avenues, Villa Lynch, in the municipality of San Martín.

The woman was found first. In fact, the person was disoriented but in good health. In any case, she was examined by an emergency team.

28 blocks from where the grandmother was located, the police found the man. He had no injuries or signs of any discomfort. He too was examined and taken to the asylum.

Grandparents in love and suffering from Alzheimer’s met a year ago. Love blossomed inside the nursing home. In fact, they were almost always together. They ran away to have an adventure and spend time alone but his illness prevented it.

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