Gravel mining: #daspinkekreuz from Neukirchen-Vluyn sharply criticizes RVR

The RVR association meeting has decided on the third disclosure of the draft regional plan. What particularly annoys #daspinkekreuz about this process.

The action alliance #daspinkekreuz is upset. “Formally, this event was probably necessary, but the RVR could have saved it in terms of content,” writes the alliance in a message to the editors – after the RVR association meeting on Friday. With a large majority, the said committee passed a preliminary resolution for the third and shortened disclosure of the draft regional plan, including new gravel potential areas.

“The parties never really had any other choice than to agree to the ‘keep it up’ on what is already the third disclosure without real constructive suggestions,” the letter from the local gravel mining critics continues; otherwise, as an institution, you would cut your own political flesh.

The action alliance speaks of deep insights

“However, the event provided another deep insight into the almost non-existent appreciation of the net-paying citizens of the district of Wesel and their concerns. You decide to continue planning that nobody knows, before the final evaluation of the objections that have not yet been viewed, you feed us with exactly one information appointment in the district center and claim that the discussion would be too emotional,” criticizes Alexandra Nolte from the action alliance sharply the RVR.

“We at the pink cross have been trying to initiate a factual dialogue for a year and all we get are evasions and the spokesman’s demonstrative non-appearance at at least one of the now 30 vigils.”

Nolte criticizes that one does not want to listen to the arguments about needs assessment, alternative raw materials and construction methods, as well as a holistic idea of ​​sustainability or adequate citizen participation.

The resistance continues

Nevertheless, the action alliance #daspinkekreuz continues to work for a factual and relevant dialogue at all levels.

A small delegation of about 20 affected citizens listened closely to the speeches of the individual parties with Alexandra Nolte; The activist is happy to say that the group was clearly visible in the audience with pink signs and clothing.

And Alexandra Nolte announces: “The pink resistance from the district of Wesel against the obscure plans of the RVR towards a discussion with the citizens continues.”

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