Great concern for “Goodbye Germany” star: Malle celebrity reports from the hospital in tears

Marcel Remus is known for his positive manner and his confident demeanor. But right now the famous broker doesn’t feel like laughing: The 35-year-old was taken to hospital with heart problems.

Mallorca – “Goodbye Germany” star Marcel Remus sends shocking images from his adopted home Mallorca. He posts himself on Instagram in an angel shirt and tapped into hoses, tears he tells of his worrying condition: “Always take care of yourself”.

Marcel Remus sends “greetings from the hospital” after three hours of examination

There are no happy greetings from the sunny island of Mallorca that Marcel Remus sends his followers on Instagram. Rather, he seems worn out and upset. He’s scared, you can see that clearly. He talks about the past three hours and why he is in the hospital in the first place. The 35-year-old has problems with his heart and is very worried about his health. “What people always say: You should take good care of yourself,” he begins his Instagram story. “You always think that won’t happen to you yourself. Then suddenly you are lying there “. He is already fighting back tears, but he pulls himself together. He gives his fans well-intentioned advice: “That’s why I tell you: take care of yourselves. It can happen faster than you think ”.

Realtor Marcel Remus reports on Instagram after heart problems from the hospital.

© Instagram/Screenshot/Marcel Remus

Celebrity broker Remus: After heart problems in the hospital

Marcel Remus can no longer hold back his tears, he cries live in front of the camera. When he tells of the fact that he will have to stay in the hospital overnight and that more tests await him at 10:00 p.m. and midnight, he finally collapses. “I am done with it. It’s awesome, ”admits the otherwise smart luxury villa lover. The 35-year-old became famous as a real estate agent in Mallorca through the reality shows “Rent, Buy, Live” and “Goodbye Germany” on the TV station VOX.

No “hola hola hola” for Marcel Remus: celebrity broker has to stay in hospital overnight

“Tomorrow no hola hola hola”, his standard greeting will not be heard for the time being. Once again he emphasizes: “Always take care of yourself”. It seems as if he regrets his previous lifestyle: “At the end of the day it doesn’t do any good if you run for your life and end up in here”. But he does not give up hope and tries to cheer up his followers: “So, now we hope that everything will be fine tomorrow”. And just an hour later he can laugh again. With a twinkle in his eye, he makes fun of his and the hospital kitchen’s culinary art. “I cook better there,” he comments on a snapshot of his dinner. (ale)

Rubriklistenbild: © Instagram/Screenshot/Marcel Remus

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