Great discovery in a glacier in Chile: they found the first complete ichthyosaur

An international group of scientists managed to excavate the first complete fossil of ichthyosaur. The specimen was found on the Tyndall Glacier, located in the Torres del Paine National Park, in southern Chile.

It is not only the first specimen of this extinct marine reptile to be fully recovered, but also a ichthyosaur female who was pregnant: inside there are embryos in gestation. This was reported today by Chilean paleontologist Judith Pardo Juárez, who led the month-long expedition and baptized the specimen “Fiona.”

The team led by Pardo Juárez together with the ichthyosaur

“Fiona is four meters long and is preserved complete, with embryos inside. The study of this material and others in the Tyndall Glacier will allow us to obtain results on the diversity, disparity and paleobiology of ichthyosaurs from the southern margin of Gondwana”, Pardo Juárez asserted on Twitter.

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