Great replacement, place of women, Islam… Which ideas of Zemmour do the French adhere to?

Did Eric Zemmour win the battle of ideas? Islam, immigration, insecurity, sexism… so many themes hammered home for years by the putative presidential candidate. Anxious to avoid a “denial” similar to that of the American progressives in the face of Trumpism, the Licra (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism) wanted to measure the influence of the theses developed by Eric Zemmour. In other words, the degree of “zemmourization of spirits”. And the report drawn up by the Ifop polling institute* is contrasted.

Inside Eric Zemmour’s head: deciphering a deadly ideology

« Being indignant, denouncing, demystifying is not enough: it is necessary to identify the convictions, to grasp the underlying trends in order to radiograph the “electoral comet” », Explains lawyer Mario Stasi, president of Licra, as a commentary on the study.

« The zemmourization of spirits operates in all political families, denounces Mario Stasi. The thesis of a phenomenon artificially constructed by the media, a media bubble Where surveyor somehow does not hold. [] Like the polemicist, a large number of French people have given up all inhibition to generalize about this or that category of the population. But they nevertheless declare themselves attached to the achievements of anti-racist battles. A paradox and a reason for hope. »

Few voters share the vision of the women of Zemmour

According to the poll, Eric Zemmour does not convince the French in his attempt to rewrite history. 70% of those questioned do not approve of his sentence according to which the Vichy regime “ protected French Jews “. Thus, the relativization of anti-Semitic persecutions meets only a weak echo in public opinion.

As for the so-called “memorial” laws, repealed by Eric Zemmour, they remain supported by the French, from the law penalizing incitement to hatred or racist violence (88% approval) to the Taubira law recognizing slavery and the slave trade as a crime against humanity (77%). « Even the voters of the radical and populist right do not mostly share Eric Zemmour’s point of view On these subjects, observes Ifop.

Eric Zemmour, the new face of anti-Semitism

The polemicist is not followed by the French in his misogyny either. 17% of the people questioned share the idea according to which “a woman is made above all to have children and to raise them”.

Likewise, the polemicist does not convince when he calls for a limitation of the choice of first names, as a pledge of assimilation. 67% of respondents disapprove of this proposition. However, on this subject, Eric Zemmour meets the support of a majority of people indicating that they want to vote for him (67%) or for Marine Le Pen (64%). Even more worrying, the opinion according to which “the children of immigrants born in France are not really French” is in the minority in the opinion, but only by a narrow margin (44%), and it meets the support of voters on the right and the extreme right (61 to 76%).

69% of respondents think that there are too many “immigrants in France”

Because it is indeed on the themes of security and immigration that the putative candidate is in phase with a large part of the electorate. 82% of those questioned believe that “the courts are not tough enough”; 63% that they “don’t feel safe anywhere” (+13 points compared to the same question asked in 2010); 69% think that “there are too many immigrants in France” (+10 points compared to 2010) – massively supported by right-wing and far-right voters, this last statement also has a majority of followers in center (66% of potential Macron voters) and the far left.

Immigration: we made fantasies come true

In addition, 62% of respondents believe that “immigration is the main cause of insecurity”. Here again, this causal link established between immigration and insecurity is not the prerogative of potential voters of Eric Zemmour (92% share this point of view): it is endorsed by two thirds of right-wing voters (71%). and even half of those of Emmanuel Macon (50%).

At the heart of Eric Zemmour’s political offer, the xenophobic theory of the “great replacement” is supported by one in two voters: 50% adhere to it, 50% reject it.

Cultural hegemony

70% of those polled think that “France must remain a Christian country”, 68% believe that “Islam is a threat to the identity of France” and two thirds (67%) believe “that we do not feel more at home as before ”(+6 points compared to 2014). Eric Zemmour’s declining vision also meets with massive support. 74% of French people believe that “France is in decline today”.

Eric Zemmour: the hour of the great stammering

« Candidate of nostalgia and decline, Eric Zemmour appears in line with a generalized cultural pessimism which is reflected, among other things, by a high level of declining attitudes and fears about a questioning of identity – especially Christian – from France, concludes François Kraus, director of the Political pole in the Opinion department of Ifop. Themes on which the radical-populist right has slowly but surely acquired a certain cultural hegemony. »

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* Ifop survey for the DDV and the Licra carried out with a large sample of 4,503 people registered on the electoral rolls, carried out online from October 9 to 13, 2021 (quota method).

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