Green fireball sighted over Vienna

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One green fireball was sighted on Wednesday afternoon over Vienna, but also over several federal states such as Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria or Burgenland. In the Czech Republic and Hungary, too, the green ball briefly lit the sky on October 20th. Overall, the International Meteor Organization (IMO) 39 messages about the fireball.

Green color comes from oxygen atoms

the Gahberg observatory indicates a bright ball of fire that fell from the sky in an arc with a tail and burned up. Strictly speaking, the celestial body was likely to have been yellow-orange and had a green shell. The fireball had flown to the east and to about 3 seconds burned up again.

According to Stefan Wallner from the Institute for Astrophysics at the University of Vienna, these observations point to the Orions one of the five most active meteor storms of the year. The green color is related to the oxygen content of the falling star, he tells the futurezone. Am sThe Orionids are strongest in the morning hours between October 19 and 23 to see.

Meteor fell straight down from the sky

Wallner himself also saw a similar meteor over the Austrian-Hungarian border last week. While most fly horizontally through the atmosphere, it fell vertically from the sky and burned up after 2 to 3 seconds, as the expert reports. “I have never seen that before in a meteor,” said Wallner.

However, this trajectory is not unusual, but is either associated with a higher density or, more likely, with a higher speed.

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