Green politician Erik Marquardt demands asylum for Russian reservists

Green politician Erik Marquardt is calling for Russians who want to flee Putin’s partial mobilization to be admitted.Image: Green / Fred MARVAUX

09/21/2022, 16:1809/21/2022, 16:25

Navid Moshgbar

Vladimir Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization sparked fears. Concerns about a renewed advance of Russian troops on their territory could grow, not only among Ukrainians. In countries neighboring Russia, the sense of security from Putin’s announcement is also likely to be disturbed.

Also in Russia even this step is not well received everywhere. men of military age may soon be forced to fight against Ukrainian soldiers. Even if they don’t want to.

Now the MEP Erik Marquardt (Greens) calls for a program to include them people.

Marquardt: People shouldn’t be forced to go to war

Marquardt wants to take in fleeing Russian reservists. Russians of military age who refuse to take part in combat operations face up to ten years in prison after partial mobilization.

The second chamber of parliament in Russia passed a corresponding amendment to the law on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the Duma, the first chamber of parliament, approved the amendment to the law in an emergency procedure. Now it has to be signed by President Vladimir Putin.

Erik Marquardt posted his request Instagram and Twitter:

“We need an admission program for those who want to flee Russia’s neighboring countries before partial mobilization. Anyone who doesn’t find a safe escape route now as a reservist could soon be forced to shoot at our allies.”

The politician has long campaigned for the admission of people who have been affected by war and terror get in danger. He campaigned for the evacuation of people in Afghanistan after the Taliban regained full control of the country.

The Greens politician received both encouragement and criticism for his proposal. The member of the Bundestag Kathrin Vogler (left) writes under Marquardt’s tweet: “Exactly right. Please explain that to Annalena Baerbock!”

Another Twitter user says: “Absolutely not. They should show their attitude in Russia. That’s the only way this criminal regime will eventually fall.”

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