Green Zoo Wuppertal: Wuppertal Zoo: Elephant boy Tsavo probably had tetanus

The Wuppertal Zoo mourns the loss of the young elephant Tsavo. He was suddenly ill and had to be put down. Vets suspect tetanus.

After the death of the young elephant bull Tsavo im Wuppertal Zoo the veterinarians assume a tetanus infection. Lockjaw is the most likely cause due to the symptoms, a zoo spokesman said on Tuesday. An examination of the body in the animal pathology department at the University of Giessen should provide clarity. Results would be expected in a week.

No tetanus case in elephants in Europe

There is no cure for tetanus and no vaccine approved for elephants. “It is not customary to vaccinate because there has not yet been a case of tetanus in elephants in Europe,” said administrative director Jochen Witjes. Tsavo was put to sleep on Sunday – two days after the first symptoms appeared. The young bull was only two years and eight months old.

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Last Friday, Tsavo had problems with his posture. His condition had deteriorated dramatically over the weekend. He was plagued by cramps. An infection with a herpes virus specific to elephants cannot be ruled out. Because of the symptoms, tetanus is more likely. (dpa)

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