Greens expert gives details – compulsory vaccination becomes concrete: how high the penalties are and where controls are carried out

The health policy spokesman for the Green Group and co-initiator of the application for general vaccination, Janosch Dahmen, expresses for the first time what a vaccination could look like in concrete terms.

“Compulsory vaccination can contribute to pacifying society because it provides clarity,” says Dahmen of “Bild am Sonntag.” In addition, compulsory vaccination could end “the continuous loop of ever new waves, new protective measures and lockdowns”.

Dahmen makes specific statements

As suggested by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Dahmen sees the age limit for compulsory vaccination at 18.

“The virus has changed. It no longer only endangers older people, but increasingly young people as well,” says Dahmen. “Also because of the risk of long-term damage, it is important that all age groups are vaccinated.” Now it gets concrete:

  • In order to fulfill the obligation to vaccinate, one must every adult in Germany should be vaccinated three times according to Dahmen’s ideas. “The current scientific status is that with three vaccinations you are very, very well protected against a serious illness. The law should therefore also oblige you to have three vaccinations. I would medically recommend all further booster vaccinations, but not make them mandatory.”
  • If you don’t get vaccinated despite being vaccinated, you should expect a fine must, Dahmen continued. “It has to be high enough, but also proportionate to other fines. In my view, there are good reasons for a fine in the middle three-digit range“Dammen said.
  • “Before this is due, the unvaccinated people should have a A period of about six weeks can be grantedto catch up on the vaccination. I can imagine that fines will be imposed again and again over the months on those who are particularly unreasonable. This is how we prevent people from simply buying their freedom.”
  • However, Dahmen rejects imprisonment for stubborn vaccine refusers: “You can regulate the design of sanctions in detail in laws. I would be in favor of excluding compulsory imprisonment when vaccination is compulsory. Other sanctions will do,” says Dahmen.
  • Controlled on the one hand, compulsory vaccination should be made according to Dahmen’s ideas on a case-by-case basis by the regulatory authorities “in places where there are special security risks, wherever a lot of people come together, for example at concerts“In addition, there is also a need for “controls by the employer, for example in the case of new hires”.
  • According to Dahmen’s ideas Should vaccination be compulsory from summer?. He plans to pass the law by the end of March.

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