Greg Michel reappears on video from the hospital: “My arm is completely immobilized”

The Belgian model Greg Michel, remembered for having been part of the disappeared reality show “Combate”, reappeared on social networks to share a series of videos in which he talks about his current state after the accident he suffered in a gym in Tarapoto.

Through his official Instagram account, the former reality boy shared a series of videos in which he speaks with a broken voice and points out that his arm is completely immobilized. In addition, he said that today there will be a meeting of doctors to see if his hand can be rebuilt after the accident.

I wanted to tell everyone that I am coming out of my third operation, since the day before yesterday I can just use my cell phone. I wanted to thank you for all the messages I have received, for all the support I have also received and that you are going to have to operate one more time to rebuild my hand because I cannot move it, but I know that things are going to be fine “, Greg Michel said.

“Tomorrow there is a board of doctors here (Hospital Dos de Mayo) and we are going to see if we can rebuild that hand or if we are left with rehabilitation and what remainsso nothing guys”, added the Belgian model.

On the other hand, the former reality boy also said that when he saw him with his cell phone in his hand, his doctor scolded him because he needs absolute rest. After thanking his followers for their support, he asked that they continue to pray for him.

“My doctor came to scold me because I can’t be on my cell phone much, I can’t connect much because my arm is totally immobilized and the other one is full of needles. To continue being strong as I have always been and as you have been for me “, specified the model.

Sebastián Lizarzaburu told details of the health of Greg Michel

Greg Michel came out of the operation well and they would have saved his arm
Greg Michel came out of the operation well and they would have saved his arm

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